Business Advice Finance "kite-mark" awarded to A Star Accounting Services

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A Star Accounting Services Ltd is pleased to announce that the Company is now registered with the government backed Business Finance Advice to provide ‘kite-marked’ independent advice on business finance.

The key aim of the new advice service is to help educate businesses so that they are equipped to ask the right questions when it comes to accessing appropriate finance.

We can help you if you are recent “start-up”, considering starting your own business, or if you want to plan for growth.

We can help you prepare your case for funding, implement tax efficient funding, and also help you negotiate “as painlessly as possible” some of the many compliance hurdles when starting a business.

If you need help, or think you might need help, email us

A Star Accounting Services Ltd is registered with the ACCA, the world’s biggest accountancy body.

Windsor, 26 February 2013

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Date : Tue, Feb 26th, 2013